Closed Beta Begins

Dear Players,

Welcome to Sevencore's Closed Beta Test!

CBT will take place from August 9th, 6 pm (PST) to August 12th, 6 pm (PST).

We hope you're as excited as we're about the beginning of CBT. Before CBT hits full gear I'd like to share with the community what our goals in CBT are, as well as a few helpful links.

During CBT the Sevencore Team will be looking to generate Feedback and Bug reports from players. We're also eager to have players test the variety of features available in CBT. We'd like to remind players that this is not the completed version and that they can expect to see changes with the release of Sevencore, especially in regards to text.

For submitting Feedback and Bugs we've created a special form which can be found here.

Note: Please use this form for Feedback and Bugs, if you have a different problem and require assistance please contact Customer Service.

We're please to announce that we'll also be running a variety of events that coincide with CBT. You can find the list events here along with links to their rules and prizes here.

Note: Please read the event rules to ensure you have met the participation requirements, we want everyone who participates to receive credit for doing so :)

On that note, I'd like to thank all of you for joining us this weekend, I hope to see you enjoying yourself in game!

-The [GM] Team

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