An introduction to Sevencore's Political Systems

 Occupation War


Despite being at war, the citizens of Inadar are as ambitious as ever. Dreaming of power and glory, citizens seek the means to gain that power! Occupation War is one way to gain such power; a battle between guilds to gain political influence over a region of Inadar.

To the victor go the spoils, but victory won’t be easy.

Application Requirements

To apply to the Occupation War, or OcW, players must create or join a guild. Only Guild Masters can apply to an Occupation War.  

Signing Up


What's in it for me? Guilds that control a region gain a couple of benefits:


  1. Control of the regional taxes. A percent (%) of the money spent in that region will be automatically deposited into the controlling Guilds Warehouse.
  2. The ability to set prices for regional goods.
  3. Guild leaders whose guilds control a region are entered into an election to be the President of Inadar, control Delos and more!


Sign me up! Okay! First you’ll need a guild, got it? Next you’ll need to pay a 10 Silver fee to the Warmaster of the region you wish to fight for, Note: the registration fee can only be paid from your Guild Warehouse. Warmasters can be located in the following towns and coordinates:


Idamere: 2256, 5667


Stonehill Fortress: 2738, 4329


Timberford: 4133, 2599


Dockholm: 4835, 5268


Sandstorm Village: 4212, 6998


Now What? If a region is unoccupied, a victor will be randomly selected from the applicants. However, if a region is already occupied by a guild, an attacking guild will be selected from the applicants.

Combat & Winning

If your guild is selected to participate in a region’s OcW, your Guild Master will be able to select a total of 20 guild members to participate in the battle; these 20 members will include the Commander and Command Officer to lead the attack.

Once the members of your force have been established, you can prepare for battle. The objective of OcW is to defend your own Staging Point while destroying your opponent's Staging Point. If neither team’s Staging Point is destroyed, the owners of the Staging Point with the least amount of health at the end of an hour will be declared the losers.

During combat, defeating opponents will grant your team Battle Points. These points can be spent on a variety of team wide buffs designed to help you turn the tide of battle and defeat your enemies. Players will need to rely on their commander's decisions to make the best of the BP they’ve earned if they intend to win OcW.


Winning OcW has its perks! The winning guild will take control of the region, setting taxes and controlling the prices of their regional goods. Taxes collected this way are deposited directly into the controlling Guild’s Warehouse.
Claiming control of a region will also enter the Guild’s Master into the Presidential election for Inadar!