Basic guides regarding the fundamental features of Sevencore




Upgrading is the process of combining equipment and mounts with Soulite to increase their strength. Soulite is a precious material created by an ancient race; it’s stronger than steel but incredibly light and under the right conditions it can even be lighter than air itself!



Safe Upgrade Level

In Sevencore it’s safe for players to upgrade to +5 without using a Writ of Assurance. Past +5 there’s a chance for the item to break. Item’s broken by upgrading require a Blacksmith’s Hammer to be repaired.


Upgrade Items


Soulite is the primary upgrade item for Sevencore. It’s an ancient material that is an amalgam of physical materials and magic. Although the art of creating Soulite has been lost for hundreds of years, it can still be found throughout the world of Sevencore as remnants of the Ancient Civilization that created it.

The purer the samples of Soulite, the better your odds are at successfully upgrading your weapon.



Protection Items

Writ’s of Assurance are documents ensuring the safety of your item during the upgrade process. These scrolls protect the item from being broken during the Soulite infusion process at the cost of consuming the Writ. Writ’s of Assurance are only available from the Item Shop.

There are more powerful forms of the Writ of Assurance; however, the Delos City Council has currently banned their use in fear of them undermining the Delos economy.



Item Grades



To upgrade an item the items rarity must be above general or white. Only Blue, Violet, and Brown colored items can be upgraded.


For items with a grade of [E] or higher players will need a matching or greater version of Soulite to upgrade the item. For example: to upgrade a [B] grade weapon you’ll need either a [B], [A], or [S] grade Soulite. However, [C], [D], [E] and Common Soulite cannot be used to upgrade [B] grade weapon.



Upgrade Process

Once you’ve acquired the necessary items and you’re ready to upgrade simply click the Soulite icon in your inventory. Once your mouse pointer has changed to a hammer, click on the item you would like to upgrade.

Note: item you are attempting to upgrade must be in your inventory.

The next window will ask whether or not you would like to upgrade the item. This window also allows you to decide whether or not you would like to use a Writ of Assurance to protect the item by checking the ‘Use Writ of Assurance’ box.


Note: You must check the box to use a Writ of Assurance before you attempt to upgrade the item.


After accepting the conditions the game will attempt to upgrade your item and the results will appear in a second pop up window. There are 4 possible outcomes to upgrading:



Success - The item has successfully been upgraded.


Failure - The upgrade attempt has failed but there were no negative effects.


Failure Level Down - The upgrade attempt failed and your item has lost 1 Upgrade Level.


Failure Item Broken - The upgrade attempt failed and resulted in your item being broken. Items broken this way can only be repaired using a Blacksmith’s Hammer.