Basic guides regarding the fundamental features of Sevencore



As a freshly trained recruit, you’ll need to hone your skills and what better way to do that than by performing tasks for the people of Inadar? As a soldier, you’re as much a public servant as you are a fighter!

Quests from the NPCs of Inadar will reward you with the experience, gold, and equipment you’ll need to succeed.



Locating Quests

Quest, indicated by a yellow '!', can easily be located on your World Map ([M] Key), Map Overlay ([N] Key), Mini Map, or simply by running into a Quest NPC.  Quests with green ‘!’ are repeatable; this means they can be completed, turned in, and accepted again. Repeatable quest are ideal for leveling in one specific area.









Accepting Quests

Once you’ve located a quest, you can speak to the NPC by Right Clicking on them. Next, select the quest you’d like to accept and read the summary and objectives. If you’ve decided to accept the quest, simply click the ‘Accept’ button.



Accepting a quest will add the quest to your Quest Log which can be opened with the [L] key. If you check the box next to the quest in your Quest Log, the quest will also be displayed on your screen in the Quest Tracker window.





Quests are displayed on screen through the Quest Tracker.



Quest Arrow

The quest arrow is an arrow displayed on your screen which guides you towards the next step of your current quest. For example, if a quest asks you to defeat a certain monster, initially the Quest Arrow will point you towards those monsters. However, once you’ve met the objectives the Quest Arrow will point you towards the turn in NPC.




Completing Quests


To complete a quest you simply need to fulfill the objectives set by the NPC. The objectives of a quest can vary drastically, from collecting a certain item, defeating a certain enemy, and more. Once you’ve completed the objective, you’ll need to “Turn In” the quest by speaking to a final NPC. Often the turn in NPC is the same as the quest giver; however, it isn’t always the same, so it’s important to note which NPC you’re returning to.





Quest rewards vary greatly; some quest will reward only experience or gold, while other will also give you equipment or consumable items. Quests that offer a variety of items as rewards will often require you to select which item you want to receive before you can complete the quest.