Basic guides regarding the fundamental features of Sevencore



The processing and creation of goods from materials gathered throughout the world of Inadar! Professions are a good source of weapons, armor, and consumables.



Gathering is a sub-category of Professions. Unlike the crafting professions gathering is focused solely on collecting materials from the world around you. Gathering professions include: Herbing, Mining, and Trapping.




An Herb, a Trap, and a Mining Point.




Herbalists are trained in the art of identifying and picking plants. Players can unlock Herbalism by speaking with the Skilled Herbalist in Delos. 1106/6327



Miners are master at exploiting the weaknesses of the earth! Spotting the glitter of ore and pulling it from the earth. Without miners there would be no metal to make your weapons, armor, or crafts from!

To learn to mine speak with the Mining Trainer in Delos. 1229/6501










The Trapper Association of Inadar lays traps across the continent. Any member of the association has the right to claim the beast caught in an association trap. However, you must be an association member!

Learning to open traps safely is more difficult than simply digging up ore and picking flowers, you’ll encounter your first Trapper Trainer around level 15 in the Plains of Ida. Speak with the Leatherworker in the Plains of Ida at 1065/5642.



Crafting is the process of converting the raw materials you’ve gathered into finished goods. This includes weapons, armors, consumable and more! Crafting can provide players with a lot of items that are not readily available from creatures or NPCs.

Crafting can be performed at the NPC of the respective craft. For example, to make a Bronze Twin Blade you would need to speak with the Blacksmith.


Blacksmithing: Craft Type

Refining: A second crafting option offered by a variety of crafting NPC’s.

Craftable: Check this box to display only items you have the materials to craft.

Twin Blades: Crafting Category.

In the bottom right hand window the materials required to craft the weapon are displayed. To the left of the materials required you can adjust the quantity of the item you’d like to craft.

Craft: Makes as many of the item as dictated in the quantity box.

Craft All: Craft as many of this item as possible with your current resources.


Players can specialize their crafting and focus on items they use the most by distributing their Craft Skill Points. The crafting skill trees can be found on the second tab of the Skill Menu opened with the [K] key.

By distributing your Crafting Skill Points you can create higher grade weapons, armor and consumable. However, these points are limited, so be sure you choose wisely! 




Blacksmiths specialize in forging weapons; in order to craft a weapon you will need to unlock the blacksmith craft by completing the Blacksmith quests in Idamere: 2234/5639

Although you’ve unlocked Blacksmithing, you can only craft certain grades of weapons. In order to craft the higher grades of a specific weapon you will need to specialize in that weapon by distributing crafting skill points to that weapon.

You can do that by opening your skills menu and selecting the Crafting tab.




Armor Crafting

Armor Crafting is the art of creating armor. However, armor is made from a variety of items, ranging from a thin cloth to hardened steel. This wide range or materials can’t be mastered by a single crafter! As a result, there are Tailors, Leatherworkers, and Armorsmiths; all specializing in a specific armor material.

To craft armor you will need to complete the armor crafting quests provided by each of the NPC’s in Idamere:

Armorsmith: Idamere 2236/5637


The Armorsmith may look just like the Blacksmith, behind their welding mask, but he specializes in making Heavy Armor.

If you’re a warrior looking for a stalwart defense with the flexibility you need to strike at your foes, the Armorsmith will be your best friend.

To craft armor with a grade of [D] or higher players will need to specialize in Heavy Armor by spending Crafting Skill Points.

: Idamere 2296/5650

The fine tailors of Inadar are a player’s best hope for quality light armor. Around level 20 the Seamstress of Idamere will offer players a quest granting them access to her talents.

Once you’ve unlocked the Tailoring with the Seamstress you may speak with her to craft Light Armor.

To craft Light Armor higher than Grade [D] players will need to spend Crafting Skill Points to specialize in Light Armor.


Leatherworker: Idamere 2218/5551

The leatherworker may appear to be a gruff, hardened man; but leatherworking is an art too, just one that attracts the less delicate.

Around level 20 players will be offered a quest by the leatherworker in Idamere as an opportunity to gain access to his services.

Upon completion of the quest players will be able to craft Medium Armor with the leatherworker. In order to craft Medium Armor above grade [D] players will need to specialize in Medium Armor by spending Crafting Skill Points.












Alchemy is the art of mixing various chemicals and herbs to bring out their hidden potential! These concoctions can both heal you or kill you instantly. Alchemy is not for the hobbyist and should be taken very seriously. Most Herbalists double as Alchemist given the nature of their craft.

To learn Alchemy you will need to pass the Herbalist test in Idamere:


Herbalist - Idamere 2218/5640


To unlock Alchemy specialties and make items above grade [D] players will need to allocate Crafting Skill Points to the specialty of their choice.




Refining is the process of converting raw materials such as ore or leather into more refined materials like ingots and leather. Refining is an important step in producing any weapons or equipment.

Refining is offered by the NPCs that would normally use that material. For example, to refine cloth you would need to speak with a Seamstress.

Refining also include Jewelcrafting and Blast Stone crafting. Refining materials with a grade of [C] or higher will require players to specialize in that refining by allocating Crafting Skill Points.