Basic guides regarding the fundamental features of Sevencore



Combat is an integral part of Sevencore; it’s the core of leveling as well as the means of conflict between players. Controlling your character and mastering combat will be key to succeeding in the world of Sevencore.



Attacking Enemies

So how do I fight? To attack an enemy first you will need to target them. This can be done by Left Clicking your opponent or by pressing the [TAB] key until the proper target is highlighted.



Now that you’ve targeted your enemy, you can engage them in combat! The default hotkey to begin combat is [X], however you can also engage an enemy in combat by casting your auto attack or any other skill from your Quick Slots while targeting your enemy.




The goal of most combat is to gain experience and level up! When you defeat a monster you’ll earn experience. When you reach the amount of experience necessary to level up, you will automatically gain a level. You can track your experience by using the experience bar located below your Skill Quick Slots.




Learning & Using Skills


How do I learn skills? There are two ways to learn skills for Player Characters (PCs) in Sevencore. For common skills, the core skills of your class, you simply need to play the game. Common skills will be discovered naturally by your character as you progress through the game.



For specific class skills players will need to purchase Skillbooks. These books are available at your classe's Trainers which are located in each of the major towns. For a small fee you can use a Skillbook to learn a skill, as long as you meet the level requirements.





Learning a skill will set it to level 1 by default. You can increase the strength of a skill by applying skill points to it. Players earn 1 skill point every 3 levels, so it’s important you spend them wisely!




After learning a skill you can place it on your Quick Slots and activate it using the hotkey assigned to that Quick Slot.




Auto Healing

So, where's my healer? Sevencore Characters maintain their Health and Mana by consuming food and drinks. To automatically consume food and drinks players can place their consumable into the Quick Slots located next to their portraits:


Once the consumables have been placed into the Quick Slots players can adjust the slider on your Health and Mana bars to determine when your character will consume the next consumable.

Notes: Unchecking the box next to the Auto Healing Quick Slot will disable the consumption of that item.