Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started in the world of Sevencore

 Character Creation



Character creation will guide you through the process of creating your in game character.



Race and Gender

The first step to character creation will be choosing a race and gender! While gender has no effect on your character, each race has Passive Skills. These skills give small bonuses which grant an advantage in certain areas of gameplay:




Deadly Focus - Increases Critical by 2%.
Engineering – Increases the Attack of Mechanical Mounts ridden.




Battle Hardened – Increases Max. Health by 5%.
Beast Training – Increases the Attack of Beast Mounts when ridden.




Serenity – Increases Max. Mana by 5%.
Preservation – Increases the Max. Health of Beast Mounts when ridden.




Next you will need to enter your character's name. Character names must meet the following criteria:



• Less than 13 characters, but more than 3 characters
• Characters must be between ‘A’ and ‘Z.’
• No special characters or spaces are allowed.
• Names cannot contain more than two vowels or consonants in a row.
• Names must follow the general swear filter rules.
• Names cannot contain anything that might cause other players to confuse you with a GM or gPotato employee.

Note: Players found impersonating a gPotato employee will be permanently banned.




Now that your character has a name, you’ll need to choose your characters class. There are three classes to choose from; each of these classes has 2 specialties which allow you to further customize your gameplay.

Take a moment to read the class descriptions before you make your decisions because once you’ve selected your class it cannot be changed!

You can find out more about each class in the Class Section.





























Finally, you’ll be able to alter your character's appearance. Sevencore allows players to not only alter the normal appearance features such as face, skin color, hairstyle, and hair color, but also the dimensions of their character's model as well.


Note: Please take your time selecting your characters appearance since it cannot be changed after it has been set. gPotato staff cannot alter your character appearance.