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 Treasure Turtles



These small turtles are the distant cousins of Sheldon whom you might have met in the Plains of Ida. Unlike Sheldon, Treasure Turtles aren't fond of racing, but are innately drawn to and collect shiny objects! As a result Treasure Turtles amass quite the horde of gold and items.


Treasure Turtles are...


  • ...small and elusive, with only a few in each zone.
  • ...attempt to run away when engaged!
  • ...have a 1 hour respawn timer.
  • ...drop 5 gold and various other valuable items when defeated. Treasure Turtles only drop gold for players whose level is close that of the Treasure Turtle's.


"The government would have you believe Treasure Turtles are merely attracted to shiny objects, but the truth is they're the secret benefactors of the Amaad army secretly funding their bloodlust. It's all part of the turtle agenda to perform genocide after genocide until only the turtles remain." - Cryptozoologist Giorgio